This blog will detail my journey as I go through Bitmaker Labs, a coding program in Toronto that teaches its students to become proficient junior developers over the course of nine weeks. We’ll be going through the Ruby language, HTML/CSS/JS, the Rails framework, Angular.js, in addition to completing a personal project.

Personally, I’m a recent McGill grad with a BA in Philosophy and English Literature – you can find out more about me at iangeraldking.com or add me on the profiles listed below. I was heavily involved in student politics and event planning, experiencing my fair share of successes and outright failures. Through my involvement with the Impact Entrepreneurship Group and the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference Foundation, I realized that I no longer desired to be a lawyer and that tech entrepreneurship was truly the path for me. I’m undergoing this program in order to work as a developer at a local Toronto startup and to eventually launch my own projects, which may evolve into commercialized ventures.

My principle interest is in online education and I seek to involve myself in the rapidly growing world of MOOCs. I’m really looking forward to these nine weeks and I’m glad to share my journey with you. Connect with me!