A Break from Blogging

As I approach the final stretch of my time at Bitmaker Labs, I’m starting to realize that I need to focus more on coding. When one’s blog is an extension of the coding experience, it becomes easy to complete; however, when one desires to write about something entirely different, it feels as though one is working double shift. The blogging continually encroached upon time reserved for sleep, which meant that I would more than often come to Bitmaker Labs slightly exhausted – I’m the guy who would take power naps at least once a day. With that in mind, in deciding to put my blog on hold, I will be able to sleep earlier and come to class completely refreshed; further, I will now have the time to go for a jog or do some meditation in the morning.

That being said, I’m fully intent on continuing where I left off except that I’ll be using an education-branded blog: edethos.com (at the time of this posting, edethos.com has not been set up). Thus, I will then repurpose kodekonviction.com as more of a technical blog – which it was originally supposed to be – while my opinion pieces on education will be featured and consolidated in edethos.com.

If there is anything that I’ve learned from this experience, it’s the importance of focus. We are granted only so many hours of genuine work in a given day and if one desires to truly master a particular discipline – in my case, coding – nothing less than complete devotion is necessary. To divide your efforts is to undermine your efforts, where in chasing two objectives simultaneously you end up empty handed in both endeavours.

Despite this momentary break in my blogging, I am content in knowing that I have found a particular subject area that interests me greatly. There is so much material to be written about the future of education that a mere month’s break won’t be much of a setback – it is but a shrewd realignment of priorities, allowing myself more time to focus on coding when such an activity is important in my immediate present. Look forward to some updates from me in mid-August on both edethos.com and this blog – until then, happy coding!

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