On the Passing of Time | Day 14

The adoption of a new mode of being necessitates that the phenomenological experience of time slows down. Every moment becomes a wholesome internalization of something unknown. You progress forward without a map and without expectations as life unfolds – a blossoming flower whose petals open to the light of time, extending its roots more firmly into the soil of existence. Unfortunately, this feeling of newness eventually fades as routines set in and as you become accustomed to the rhythm of your current behavioural pattern. Time no longer remains as a meandering stream but accelerates into a forceful torrent that carries you forward at an alarming pace.

As we approach the end of our third week at Bitmaker Labs, I am taken aback by how swiftly time has progressed. With each passing day, the body and mind come to anticipate the quotidian schedule and, consequently, the hours seem ever shorter. It is at these junctures in life, when our perception of certainty and agency diminish, that we must reaffirm our commitment to the path that we have embarked upon. Why are we here? For what purpose did we decide to learn how to code? Was it to get job? Did we desire to launch our own projects? Perhaps both? Whatever the case, it is important to actively understand what you want, why you want it, and to work in the direction of your desire’s fulfillment – such is the only way to stay focused and collected as your external environment changes.

Once one accepts the limitations of time, there is merely one thing left to do: optimize one’s use of it. It becomes a matter of setting realistic expectations for oneself, in a stepwise fashion, so that a sense of progress and achievement can be established on an internal level. In the end, half of the battle is won in the mind and by acknowledging the progress that one is making, however small, genuine momentum can be built from within and channeled to the external world. If life were a vast expanse of light, moving in all directions, our lives would be focused streams of that eternal radiance. The stream of light that knows where to focus its essence – to focus upon the uplifting phenomena – fares much better, experientially, than the stream of light that casts itself upon the desolate shores of failure. We are but thinking beings, matter raised and light descended, and what we think about matters.

In light of this understanding, it behooves us to focus our attention solely upon affairs that are directly within our control. We approach an ocean of change in waters growing ever darker; sunlight fades amidst a full moon rising; the solace of shore and lighthouse are but fleeting dreams for the vessel, nigh flotsam, without anchor or wind. Although you cannot control the externalities of the situation, your reaction to it is fully within the domain of your agency. You may not dictate the current, but you can determine your steering; you may not dictate the external light, but you can determine the amount of light that you choose to let emanate from within you; you may not dictate the passing of time, but you can determine how to use what you possess. Narrow your parameters of sight to the immediacy of the here and now, to what you are doing in the living present, and you will find that all anxieties diminish. The overthinking mind is left distraught; the individual in action is left without the opportunity to doubt himself as he progresses steadily towards his desired destination.

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