Into the fray

Well, today is my first day at Bitmaker Labs – pretty stoked to be here. I’m starting to realize that there won’t be very much time to blog with all the work that we have to do, so I’ll most likely be typing my posts on the way home from class and posting them before bed. I’ll be posting mostly about the day’s progress and any useful insights that struck me.

My first impression is that everyone is very committed. A lot of people have quit their cozy consulting or accounting jobs just to be here. The age range is pretty wide with our youngest guy being 18 and it seems to be stretching as far as the mid thirties. The majority of the students seem to be from the GTA, but there are a few from Poland, Netherlands, Germany, South America and the States.

The office space is pretty open and modernist in its overall layout but it still manages to evoke a unified family room kind of vibe. That’s enough for now – I’m going to grab some lunch!

Here’s to a bright future ahead!

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